Our First Ever Rifle Raffle Comes to a Close….

First off, we would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a Rifle Raffle ticket with us this past month! You all really stepped up in support of your local community to help us give a great gift to the Boys & Girls Club East Valley Gilbert Branch. BGC is one of the NonProfit Foundations whose funding is being cut to $0 in a 5 year initiative from the town. We are now in year 3 of that initiative and this group is struggling to provide a safe place for children and teens. Boys&Girls Club is a place where kids can be in a welcoming environment and get a warm meal as well as an opportunity to learn through various clubs and sports they might not otherwise be able to participate in. The money raised from your ticket purchases will go to help keep the doors open to this great safe haven in our community.

If you are still feeling the holiday spirit, please consider donating further to their cause. Every donation made is tax deductible and remains here in the Valley.


Congratulations to all our winners who walked away with some great early Christmas gifts this year!

Stay tuned for our announcement of the VIDEO CONTEST WINNERS!

Black Friday is upon us!

In our typical fashion- we are closed for Thanksgiving (cus we aren’t cruel slave drivers and want to keep Thanksgiving a holiday with family and friends) but we do run a tight ship for BLACK FRIDAY! Open 5am-Midnight, we’ve got game play at crazy pricing (yeah- $25 to play from 5am-midnight. Kid you not.) plus we feed our players until 10am with breakfast, cus eating is good for the body and all that.

 Thanksgiving LJQ

But the best part about Black Friday at VIPAirsoft has got to be the proshop sales complete with freebies like free t-shirt, free green gas, free CO2, free gift certificate and this year we’re introducing the lucky lotto! We’ve preloaded 50 gift cards with at least $5 on them, but one random one has $50 on it. The first 50 people to make a purchase of $50 or more with us will receive one of these lucky lotto cards to use toward a future purchase!

Black Friday Sales LJQ

And what kind of holiday season would it be without some community giving? We’re hosting our first Rifle Raffle where 100% of the proceeds go to benefit the Boys & Girls Club East Valley Gilbert Branch! Each raffle ticket is $5 and ticket holders could win one or more of the 8 guns up on the raffle board! See, we don’t take out the duplicate tickets after each draw. So if you buy 8 tickets, you could potentially win ALL THE GUNS!

win all the things

Rifle Raffle LJQ