Tech Tips: The last gearbox instructional you’ll ever need!

Our lead technician Josh takes you through this in-depth video on everything you’ll ever need to know about your M4 airsoft gearbox. How do they work? How to take them apart? Tips, tricks and hints galore!

The video may be long, but it is chock full of great information. A definite “FAVORITE” and a video you can come back to again and again.

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BEGINNER TIPS 1: Gearboxes

There are numerous styles of gearboxes on the Airsoft market.  The gearbox design has changed over time and all have specific parts that make them function.

The gearbox design: A gearbox interworking is rather simple.  A shuttle in the trigger housing connects the electrical current, powered by a battery.  Then, the motor turns, spinning the gears, which pulls back the piston, which in turn is connected to the spring and spring guide.  Once the piston is pulled the tappet plate is pulled back till the piston is released as well as the tappet plate and air is sent forward and directed by the piston head.  The piston/ piston head hits the cylinder head and air is sent out the nozzle.

Gearbox Diagram


VERSION 1 GEARBOX: Motor is attached within the gearbox
**Picture below is a Tokyo Mauri (TM) FAMAS gearbox

 V1 Gearbox

VERSION 2 GEARBOX: Most commonly used on the market.
          This gearbox takes most parts and is redesigned constantly. ICS has made a split version 2 where the cylinder and air seal all comes out. There are many different variations but the gearbox is still considered Version 2. This gearbox is designed for M4, MP5 and other modified guns such as the SR25.
**Picture below is a basic V2 Gearbox

 V2 Gearbox

VERSION 3 GEARBOX: Most commonly used in G36, AUG, AK and SIG series.
          This design is the 3rd of Tokyo Mauri’s designs. V3 gearboxes are more reliable, in that the shell is stronger than the V2 and doesn’t crack as often at the front end of the gearbox. This gearbox has a caged motor that attaches directly to the gearbox shell.
**Picture is a Tokyo Mauri AK47 V3 Gearbox

 V3 Gearbox

VERSION 6 GEARBOX: Easiest to get into. Designed for Thompson & P90 styles.
          These gearboxes are built strong and last a long time. This is the easiest gearbox to get into and is designed for Thompson and P90 style airsoft guns. These gearboxes can take Version 2 gears, pistons and spring guides. Again a cage attaches the motor to the gearbox in the style of V1 gearboxes.
**Picture is a Version 6 P90 Gearbox

 V6 Gearbox

VERSION 7 GEARBOX: Designed for M14
          The Version 7 gearbox is designed for the M14 style airsoft guns and suffers the same cracking problems the V2 gearbox faces. All electrical components outside and parts are specific to this gearbox.
**Picture below is a basic V7 Gearbox

 V7 Gearbox

SAW/M60 GEARBOX: Specialized for their guns
          These gearboxes are extremely strong and have the motor ins tide the gearbox just like the V1 and V6. There is a quick change spring on it as well and instead of a normal trigger, it uses a micro switch.

                                                 ****IMPORTANT NOTE****
Disassembly of a gearbox will void most if not all warranties. Professional installation and disassembly is recommended. Any and all disassembly of a gearbox by a consumer is at the responsibility of that consumer. 

About the Author:
Joshua Weir is the lead technician at VIPAirsoft Arena. He has been with the company for 2 years and has been working on airsoft equipment for over 5 years. For more information about VIPAirsoft, please visit our website.