Tech Tips: The last gearbox instructional you’ll ever need!

Our lead technician Josh takes you through this in-depth video on everything you’ll ever need to know about your M4 airsoft gearbox. How do they work? How to take them apart? Tips, tricks and hints galore!

The video may be long, but it is chock full of great information. A definite “FAVORITE” and a video you can come back to again and again.

If you still have additional questions or want to suggest another video for our techs to provide, email us at!


ECHO1 USA Downloadable Manuals!

They’re here and we got ’em!

Click the links below for easy to read, free downloadable gun manuals for Echo1 USA airsoft guns.

Manual-Icon-Pistol Manual-Icon-SNIPER-RIFLE Manual-Icon-SOB Manual-Icon-SOF Manual-Icon-Support Manual-Icon-AK Manual-Icon-M14 Manual-Icon-M4-M16 Manual-Icon-MTC Manual-Icon-OTHER Manual-Icon-XCR




If you’re looking to purchase one of these guns or you need them repaired, VIPAirsoft Arena has 4 on-site airsoft technicians who can definitely help you out! We sell a ton of upgrades, internals, externals and have a great working relationship with our distributors and manufacturers to get you what you need!