Tech Tips: The last gearbox instructional you’ll ever need!

Our lead technician Josh takes you through this in-depth video on everything you’ll ever need to know about your M4 airsoft gearbox. How do they work? How to take them apart? Tips, tricks and hints galore!

The video may be long, but it is chock full of great information. A definite “FAVORITE” and a video you can come back to again and again.

If you still have additional questions or want to suggest another video for our techs to provide, email us at!

VIP Tech Tips: How to Change an Outer Barrel

So last time we showed you how to change you inner barrel, and now we’re gonna walk you through changing your outer barrel as requested by one of our YouTube subscribers.

Helpful tools to have:
1. AR Wrench (Also known as a Delta Wrench)
2. 3/32nd Punch (if you have an A2 Front forward triangle site)
3. Vice
4. Patience

Please remember- these higher end airsoft guns are durable, yet fragile. If you aren’t comfortable or confident completing any of these TechTips, please find a technician to complete the work for you. An important note for new gun buyers: most manufacturers will not warranty out your gun or any parts if you broke it while trying to mess with it yourself, but they will warranty it if a technician at a certified airsoft company does.

Don’t forget that you can reach out to our technicians with your questions or suggestions for new Tech Tips! They will be more than happy to answer questions like “I want to switch from a A2 Front Site to a quad rail system. What will I need?” or “Will this rail system work for my rifle?” or our personal favorite… “I [verb]ed my gun into [object] and now the barrel is bent/curves to the side. What do I do?” (The answer to that last one is get a new inner and outer barrel, cus you done broke your gun. Like broke broke your gun.)

Stay tuned for more Tech Tips!


VIP Tech Tips : How to Swap an M4 AEG Inner Barrel

Today on VIP Tech Tips, Bailey takes us through swapping an M4 AEG Inner barrel. It’s a very easy thing to do, but it’s not something everyone knows how to do correctly, so watch on to see if you learn something new!

If you aren’t confident in making the swap, find a technician, like the 5 we have here on staff, to help you out. Its better to ask for more clarification on your gun, than to accidentally break it or lose a part.

What’s the Difference? – 3 Rifle Comparison

“So…. how come these guns look the same but cost different? What’s the difference?”

Here at our retail walk-in location, we get that question a lot when it comes to our three most popular M4 style AEG rifles: the G&G CM16 Raider, the KWA CQR Mod 2 and the Elite Force V2 CQB/CQC. They all look so similar, so we’re dissecting the ins and outs (literally!) of each gun to give you on easy to understand list right here!

G&G CM16 Raider :    $189.95 –    9.6v Battery & Charger Included
Elite Force V2 CQB:    $169.95 –    No Battery
KWA CQR Mod 2:       $199.95 –    No Battery



The G&G CM16 Raider (left) comes with a fiber reinforced polymer quadrail system and triangle sight.

        Fiber reinforced polymer upper and lower receiver

The Elite Force V2 CQB (center) comes with a metal quadrail system and flip up sights.

        Fiber reinforced polymer lower receiver and reinforced charging handle

The KWA CQR Mod 2 (right) comes with a fiber reinforced polymer handguard and triangle sight.

        Fiber reinforced polymer lower with metal upper receiver

3GunRails copy


The G&G CM16 Raider (left) comes with a removable iron rear sight paired with the front triangle sight.

The Elite Force V2 CQB (center) does not come with a rear sight but has a front flip up sight.

The KWA CQR MOD 2 (right) comes with a removable iron rear sight and triangle front sight.



The G&G CM16 Raider (left) comes with a basic crane stock with 2 piece battery compartment butt stock plate.

The Elite Force V2 CQB (center) comes with a modified crane stock with flip down battery compartment access.

The KWA CQR Mod 2 (right) comes with basic stock. Battery access is within the front handguard.



The G&G CM16 Raider (left) comes with a metal Hi-Cap magazine

The Elite Force V2 CQB (center) comes with (2) metal Hi-Cap magazine

The KWA CQR Mod 2 (right) comes with a Mid-Cap 120rnd capacity magazine.



G&G CM16 Raider

        – Standard V2 Gearbox                                            – Standard ratio gear set

        – Aluminum cylinder w/composite head                   – (6) 8mm bushings

        – Plastic piston                                                          – Plastic nozzle

        – Aluminum inner barrel with brass ring

        – Adjustable Hop-up with C-Clip with 2 o-ring attachment to brass barrel


        – Reinforced standard V2 Gearbox                          – Standard ratio gear set

        – Aluminum cylinder w/composite head                   – (6) 8mm bushings

        – Plastic piston w/ metal teeth                                  – Plastic nozzle

        – Aluminum inner barrel with brass ring                    – Adjustable Hop-up

        – Micro-switch trigger (for slightly increased trigger response)

        – “Quick” change spring (Still have to remove gearbox from receiver, but don’t have to open gearbox)


        – 2GX Gearbox

        – Heat treated gear set with 5mm reinforced torque gear

        – Fully brass inner barrel

        – Adjustable Hop-up with C-Clip attachment and 2GX high performance bucking

        – (6) 9mm bearings

        – Plastic piston with heat treated metal teeth

        – Reinforced cylinder with composite head

        – Thicker reinforced angled trigger post for decreased chance of damage


Finally, we’ll discuss the impending question… “why don’t 2 of them come with a battery like the Raider?”

Elite Force recently released their V2 model CQB and CQC rifles and stopped packaging their equipment with a battery and charger. While the consumer may see this as “swindling” by the company- it was actually a strategic move for the benefit of the consumer. No longer packaging a battery with the gun increases the consumer’s ability to purchase and use a “fresh” battery as opposed to one that may have been sitting in a warehouse for a while which slowly drains the overall life of the battery itself. Now you get to choose if you want an 8.4v (eww… yuck), 9.6v (recommended) or upgrade a few components and go with a 7.4v LiPo (talk with a technician prior to this option).

The KWA CQR series, like most KWA rifles, also come without a battery so the consumer can choose if they want to stay with the typical recommended 9.6v or go straight to a 7.4v LiPo. It puts the power of choice into your hands!

That being said, we do sell the G&G CM16 Raiders with a battery and charger combo which we order specifically for our facility. That special order means they aren’t sitting in the warehouses for months on end like that. We chose to offer the addition of battery and charger to our customer as a convenience.


So we’ve gone over all the externals and internals of each rifle and as you can see, there are clearly some significant differences between each of the rifles from materials to quality of the internal components. All three comes with a 30 day manufacturer warranty and if you purchase through our online or walk-in retail location, you get an additional 30-day repair warranty!

We hope that this will give you some insight into your decision current or future.

You can find these three great rifles at our walk-in location or order them online for shipment within the continental U.S. at

Stay tuned for more upcoming product comparisons and other helpful tips and tools!


We received a lot of great videos for our 3rd annual Video Contest. After reviewing all the submissions, we are excited to announce the 1st and 2nd place winners!



Congratulations again guys. Your prizes (thats right… $500 and $250 gift cards are all yours!) are here whenever you stop by and your videos will be featured on our social media and used in our marketing campaigns for the next year!

Holy Bonkers Batman! NEW HOURS for 2015!

There are so many new and exciting changes in the pipeline for January 1, 2015 here at our arena!! We are launching new proshop and arena hours starting over Winter Break and really hope you all like the change. It will allow us to offer more sessions throughout the year and especially over the school breaks!

We’ve also been revamping our field even more, so you’ll start to notice new doorways, new themes and new colors. We’ve already changed the flag poles, removed all the carpet from the stairs, added a few half-doors, hung new draping, built the zombie room, built the outdoors room, getting started on the boiler room, added new dummies and shook out all the netting! So much done, yet so much more on the “Honey Do” list!

2015 will also usher in some new team designations for game play in both the public sessions but also our overnight lockins! We trial ran it for our recent PMC Intl lock-in and it was really well received, so if you were there-you already have an idea of whats gonna happen! Give yourself a pat on the back!

You’ll start to notice lots of other changes through the facility and we feel its just about time we introduced them. New check-in system for repairs, new paint, new website goodies (including some easter eggs with hidden discounts!), new events being offered, new field look and more!

We can’t wait to see what you guys think of all the changes. We’re excited here for them for sure!

Black Friday is upon us!

In our typical fashion- we are closed for Thanksgiving (cus we aren’t cruel slave drivers and want to keep Thanksgiving a holiday with family and friends) but we do run a tight ship for BLACK FRIDAY! Open 5am-Midnight, we’ve got game play at crazy pricing (yeah- $25 to play from 5am-midnight. Kid you not.) plus we feed our players until 10am with breakfast, cus eating is good for the body and all that.

 Thanksgiving LJQ

But the best part about Black Friday at VIPAirsoft has got to be the proshop sales complete with freebies like free t-shirt, free green gas, free CO2, free gift certificate and this year we’re introducing the lucky lotto! We’ve preloaded 50 gift cards with at least $5 on them, but one random one has $50 on it. The first 50 people to make a purchase of $50 or more with us will receive one of these lucky lotto cards to use toward a future purchase!

Black Friday Sales LJQ

And what kind of holiday season would it be without some community giving? We’re hosting our first Rifle Raffle where 100% of the proceeds go to benefit the Boys & Girls Club East Valley Gilbert Branch! Each raffle ticket is $5 and ticket holders could win one or more of the 8 guns up on the raffle board! See, we don’t take out the duplicate tickets after each draw. So if you buy 8 tickets, you could potentially win ALL THE GUNS!

win all the things

Rifle Raffle LJQ

Airsoft Safety during Halloween


Even if you have a toy gun that is painted orange, or the tip is orange, it’s very difficult to say, well, ‘Is that really a replica or a toy gun? Or did somebody paint it on purpose?” Officer Jose Garcia in regards to a Halloween shooting incident in 2011.

“Whether it’s a Halloween party, on the street or at a robbery … we can’t take for granted that [a gun] is a replica”.
Los Angeles Police Chief Bernard Parks

Halloween is the ideal time to be something you always wanted to be or someone you aren’t, if only for a single night with the use of a great costume. For some, that means putting on your airsoft rig, grabbing your airsoft gun and heading out as “special forces guy”, “military guy”, “such and such video game character”, etc. We get it- you’ve already got the gear and its comfortable, so why buy an actual costume? We aren’t saying you aren’t original nor are we saying you can’t wear your rig; what we ARE saying is leave your airsoft guns at home!! You and your friends may know its airsoft and you may even still have the orange tip attached, but not everyone can recognize airsoft vs live fire. Plus- why would you risk the safety of your gun just so you can wear it as a costume? Going to a party? It could get food or drinks spilled on it or stolen/damaged if you leave it lying around. It just isn’t worth the risk.

Think you can get away with it for one night because “cops are lax on Halloween. They know the guns are part of a costume”. Really? Think again. They have to respond to every single call about a possible subject with a gun regardless! Or an armed citizen nearby may take action if they feel you are a threat to the safety of the public. That’ll ruin your night for sure! And the night of your friends if you’re hanging around outside at a party doing things you may not be of legal age to do and some neighbor or trick or treating parent calls the police. Now your party is busted, all your friends are either arrested or have to be picked up by mom and dad and your gun is confiscated. In AZ- if a police officer confiscates your airsoft gun- you don’t get it back….

Obviously, the cops aren’t going to respond to calls about a 5 year old running around with a pop pistol, but if you’re older, it blurs the lines of age for onlookers and can insight fear or worry.

We, as the airsoft community, are already facing drastic changes to the equipment and the rules are growing stricter each year in regards to airsoft guns. Case in point- California SB199 which requires airsoft guns sold in California to be brightly colored or transparent so they are harder to mistake as a firearm.

“I don’t care what you say VIPAirsoft! I’m gonna carry my gun cus it completes my costume, makes me look cool and gets the ladies!” Okay then, turd. All you’re doing is ruining it for the rest of us. But hey- that’s your prerogative. If you just absolutely refuse to leave your gun at home- then at the very least be smart and play by the rules. Leave it on your sling, make sure you have the orange tip visible and if an officer confronts you- LISTEN AND OBEY TO EVERYTHING THEY SAY!

Have fun! Be safe!
(If you happen to have left over candy, stop it on by cus some of us here have to work)

Still don’t believe the risk? Proof is what you need then. Check out these true stories from around the country. And yes- you can look into their validity yourself. The links are below.

2011 – San Jose, California
A man attended a Halloween party wearing a costume which included a gun replica on his waist. Having had too much to drink at the party, he passed out in the stairwell of a local hotel. A receptionist noticed the weapon and called the police. They woke the man and believing him to be reaching for the weapon, shot him. It wasn’t until after that they realized it wasn’t a live firearm. The suspect lived after sustaining non-fatal injuries.

2000 – Los Angeles, California
A man attended a Los Angeles Halloween party carrying a solid rubber .357-caliber Desert Eagle semi-auto pistol as part of his costume. He decided to brandish it around the crowd causing a nearby officer to react quickly fearing the safety of the party-goers and general public. The officer shot and killed the man as he was unable to quickly distinguish the difference between the rubber gun and the live firearm version. The officer was responding to a noise-complaint at the time.

2013 – Merriam, Missouri
Police officer Corey Heron was responding to a complaint of armed suspects in a neighborhood and nearly shot the group of teenagers who were carrying their airsoft guns. “The only thing that stopped me from pulling the trigger was seeing the orange ring.” The group was very lucky as the officer states “It’s just about impossible to distinguish between the two whether or not they’re real or fake until you put your hands on them and actually look at them”.

2014 – Hueytown, Alabama
A tipster called into police that a group of five teenagers who were wearing masks and carrying weapons were driving around the area. Police responded and found that the young men were in possession of airsoft guns but had the orange tips colored black or removed. While the teenagers were released, their airsoft equipment was taken.