BEGINNER TIPS 3: Green Gas Cool Down Effect Tips

The green gas cool down effect is caused by the temperature of the gas expansion chamber cooling down so much that the gas being released can no longer expand as fast or as much…. more or less.

Green gas is a refrigerant; the more it is released repeatedly, the more the temperature inside your breech or magazine will decrease, thus causing the cool down, and thus causing efficiency problems. If the O-rings get too cold for too long, they will break and cause the gas to leak.

The only way you will be able to limit such problems, is to not rapid fire so much. It’s a semi automatic Gas Blow Back- use it as such. 3 round bursts or “triple taps” are ideal for any GBB. 3 at a time, rest… 3 more… rest… 3 more, etc. The rest doesn’t have to be much more than a second or two, but that little rest will help increase your gas efficiency over simply rocking the whole mag at once, which by its nature is ineffective anyway.


  • Never apply gas for more than 5 seconds
  • Avoid pressing the gas release while there is still a full magazine of gas. The gas release will cause all the green gas to rush out and freeze the o-ring within the valve.
  • Continue firing your magazine until as much gas is expelled as possible.
  • Don’t store your gas magazines fully charged with or completely empty of gas! Only leave enough gas for 2-3 shots. This allows the o-rings to remain properly lubricated while in storage. If there is no gas within the magazine, there will not be enough pressure on the o-rings and they will eventually become misshapen, allowing gas to leak and forcing you to replace the o-rings.
  • Let the magazine warm up before refilling with gas, otherwise the magazine will be too cold to accept additional green gas.

green gas


  1. Push the magazine release button to remove the magazine from the gun
  2. Turn the magazine upside down to reveal the gas valve entry hole
  3. Tip the bottle of green gas/propane with adapter upside down. Make sure the align the nozzle with the hole for a tight seal.
  4. Press down on the bottle opening the nozzle and allowing the gas to flow into the magazine. Filling takes approximately 3-5 seconds depending on the size of the magazine. You will no longer hear a hiss when it is full.
  5. Fill the magazine with bbs. Put it back in your gun and go shooting!


  • To prevent jamming or misfired, check your magazines for debris, dust and dirt. 
  • It is best to empty your magazine after each use, although it is not required.
  • With gas guns, it is not preferable to use the release valve to expel excess gas. Loss of magazine pressure can damage the gun.


  1. Remove the two retention pins at the bottom of the magazine
  2. Pull out the bottom plate of the magazine
  3. Remove the SQUARISH O-ring
  4. Wrap the base 3-4 times with Teflon tape
  5. Re-install the o-ring (unless it was broken or cracking- in which case- replace it)
  6. Reinstall the bottom plate and push the pins back in.
  7. Occasionally, you may need to use a rubber mallet to tap the bottom plate a few times to ensure a secure fit. DO NOT USE A METAL HAMMER!! BE GENTLE!

propane2   Coleman Tank


  • To get started with propane, make sure you are already past your manufacturer warranty period. Propane WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY!!
  • Get yourself a bottle of propane, a propane adapter and 100% silicone oil and spray.
  • Lubricate the opening of your propane bottle with 100% silicone oil. Just one drop should be plenty. DON’T OVER LUBRICATE! It will cause malfunctions, oil buildup and damage. Metal adapters have a valve opening for silicone oil. Choose which location you will put your oil drop. Don’t do both!
  • Attach your adapter securely to the bottle
  • Fill your magazine as you would with green gas
  • Repeat this lubrication process every 10 magazines or so.
  • Never use a propane bottle that has a rusty or damaged neck or threading!
  • Store propane bottles out of direct sunlight!

Silicone Spray MadBull Propane Adapter Metal

**NOTE** If you are new to airsoft or aren’t comfortable cleaning or repairing your gun on your own, find an experienced technician like the ones we have here at VIPAirsoft. They will help teach you to properly clean and maintain your equipment. You run the risk of voiding your warranty if you do not properly clean your equipment.