Welcome to 2015 at VIPAirsoft!

Welcome to 2015!

2014 was truly a fantastic year at VIPAirsoft and we are excited for you to join us during 2015 and share in all the new changes we’ve got in store!! The arena will turn 5 this year and it’s all thanks to our players!

We saw over 12,000 brand new players come into our facility this year! That’s amazing!

With help from our players, we were able to donate over $25,000 back into the community! That money will go to help support local schools, charities and low-income families in need. Does your group or team need some help with fundraising? Join our growing list of community support and reach out to our Events Coordinator! emilee@vipairsoft.net

Last year we installed a 2-story central bridge, new and improved flag poles, new doorways and increased themed rooms. We have even more improvements in the pipeline that we hope you enjoy including a better method of determining teams during game play and a new tier for our Platoon Membership.

middle tower_16

In 2014, we introduced our own new line of intricate airsoft overnighters for our players ages 13+ called our “FABLES COLLECTION”. In early 2014, you met Jack Cooper for the first time in our Forbidden Legends series and ended the year with our PMC International lockin. Go CRIMSON GRIZZLIES! We are excited to tell you that Jack Cooper will return for a new adventure this year and can’t wait for you to see what other FABLES adventures are on their way!


We began a partnership with ColdBloodArt to bring you some of the best Airsoft masks on the market. Full fiberglass with polycarb lenses, detachable padding and straps for machine washing and individually handpainted designs make each mask a piece of wearable, breathable art. We are proud to say that we are the only authorized dealer in the U.S.A. to sell these masks!

CBA Mask Lineup 2

Our Video Contest winner for 2014 is NOAH CHO with runner up PETER HOFFEND at a close 2nd place. Congratulations guys! Great work! Check out the winning video below!

2015 marks the 4th year of our summer camp program and our partnership with Marauders Tactical Training! Our Airsoft 101 course has been such a success and has had so much interest that we’ve decided to offer 2 sessions this summer. We will also be combining our Advanced Spec Ops program into our Special Operations Training Camp this year so our campers will be able to experience field medic, assaulter and more in a one stop Spec Ops program! Registration is now open. Space is limited and discounts are available to those who register early.

As you might have noticed, there are alot of new faces in the arena this year. Our field has grown so much over the last year that we’ve realized we need more staff on hand to accommodate everyone. They’ve been working hard to improve the field for our players, so next time you see one of our new refs or our Field Manager Erin, be sure to give them a much deserved high-five!

With so many changes still to be had- you can be confident, we are still the same great family with the same great drive for quality service!

Let’s toast to another successful year at VIPAirsoft Arena!