Unconventional & Melee Airsoft Weapons

Melee weapons are becoming increasingly popular among airsoft players as they add an additional level of game play. We’ll attempt to cover the different types of unconventional weaponry available, but please note that not every field will allow them or will have restrictions on the materials your melees can be made from. Check with your local field about the rules and regulations for unconventional weapons before spending the money or gearing everything up in your rig.



The most common unconventional weapon are the various melees like knives, swords, battle axes and tomahawks. Occasionally, you’ll also see stuffed animals, bean bags, or anything else easily slung around. Here at VIPAirsoft, we’ve even seen a player use a bag of skittles to slay other players! This type of stealthy non-gun kill is not easily accomplished, but is a fantasy of most players. I mean- who doesn’t want to sneak around wielding a knife, come up behind a player and take them down?

Important things to keep in mind regarding melee weapons that most fields will abide by:

1. They should be able to bend slightly to keep from causing serious harm or being able to pierce skin.

2. Any contact between melee and enemy player should be light strikes, taps or slashes. There shouldn’t be any malicious attacks.

3. Attacks between melee weapons shouldn’t turn into an all out brawl.

Cold Steel make fantastically realistic training knives, tomahawks and swords built to be a similar weight and feel to their real weapon counterparts. VIPAirsoft sells a myriad of different melee weapons allowed in our field!



While most melee weapons listed above can be used as thrown projectiles, it’s important to know that if you are going to throw something made of a harder material, make sure it has zero chance of piercing skin or causing blood draw. AVOID THE HEAD AT ALL COSTS! Giving a player a concussion is not the way to play airsoft. Keep it fun and light- the intent of a melee weapon is to enhance the game not send another player to the emergency room.



Not seen nearly as often as the general melee weapons, grenades are still a fantastic way to cause mass kills on the field without exposing yourself. Many players opt out of grenades however, because they can be costly, are difficult to locate after bursting and the internals must be gathered for reuse. There are cheaper alternatives though, like bomb bags or cheap plastic grenade replicas. But beware- the cheaper plastic toy grenades found at places like Walmart don’t tend to last long and break easily when thrown.

1. Grenades should not be made of solid metal, like cast iron. These are extremely dangerous, can damage the field, break glass and seriously injure other players.

2. The best way to throw a grenade is to toss it underhand. This allows the grenades to roll to their destination as opposed to being chucked into a room where it becomes more likely to smash into a wall, prop or other player. Tossing underhand also means your grenade has a better chance at a stealthy entrance and therefore, more kills.

3. Grenades that utilize pyrotechnics are often never allowed. Smoke grenades are typically allowed on outdoor fields but never indoor. (That whole looks like the field is on fire thing).

4. Grenades have a 10ft blast kill radius from where they came to rest. Basic rule of thumb is that if you are within 5 regular footsteps of the grenade, you are considered within the blast radius.

Typical types of grenades include the bomb bags, plastic replicas, flashbangs, thunder-b, and tornado. Again, check with your local field to find out what they allow and what their regulations are.

For VIPAirsoft’s rules on unconventional & melee weapons, check out our FAQ page HERE. Be sure to check out our video below on melee weapons and the Cold Steel line of blades!



2 thoughts on “Unconventional & Melee Airsoft Weapons

    • It depends on the overall effect that you want and whether you are looking for a single use or re-use ability. The THUNDER-Bs by Hakkotsu are great options for flash bang effects. They come in alot of different styles and make a really loud “BANG”. It is not recommended to put bbs or other projectiles within ThunderBs though. These are a one use shell system with a reusable core that uses the CO2 cartridges. You’ll need to get your internal core system back though after detonation so don’t go too far from it or just try to remember where it is! They come in packs of different sizes as well as with or without the internal core. You’re looking at $25-$45 a pack depending on the size. CO2 Cartridges aren’t included. We’ve got a great tutorial on another post that shows you how to put the ThunderB together.

      If you’re looking for a grenade that releases bbs, you can go with the Tornado grenade option. It’s more expensive but they can be used over and over again. These grenades will spin on the floor powered by Green Gas or propane and spray bbs in all directions. You will need to gather your grenade once it is out of bbs though so don’t forget where you tossed it! There isn’t any noise associated with these grenades. This option will set you back about $100 and does not come with Green Gas. It does however, come with a little bottle of silicone. You’re gonna need to show these grenades some love and care if you want them to keep working well.

      However, if you want a launch-able grenade system, you’re looking at something like the Echo1 M203 launcher and grenades. You don’t have to use Echo1 grenades with these launchers as long as they are the same caliber as the launcher. The launcher is what attaches to your gun’s rail system, although they do have options available now that you can remove and use similar to a pistol. These grenades remain with you and you don’t have to chase after them or worry about another player picking them up from the ground. There is no “BANG” noise associated with them. You’re looking at about $100-$150 for the launcher and then about $75-$100 for each grenade. The grenades themselves run off of Green Gas or propane, so again, love and care are needed but they are completely re-usable and will last a long time.

      As you can see, it just really depends on the effect and level of commitment you want to give your grenades. Good luck!

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