Preparing for an Airsoft Game


Airsoft prides itself on authenticity and the realism in the preparation. It’s part of the allure to the sport! Getting ready to head to the field takes strategy and a good memory to make sure you’re bringing all the gear and tools you’ll need. Especially if you’re planning an all day airsoft skirmish!


         Duh! This one is the most obvious thing you’ll need to pack for your day of airsoft. Many players prefer to take the night before to make sure their guns are all cleaned and working, ready for the day ahead. Early preparation keeps from disappointment when you get to the field and find somethings just not working, there’s a dead battery or no gas. Once you’ve taken a look at your guns to make sure they’re in good working order, put them into your gun back or case. It can be beneficial to invest in a larger case to hold all your gear so you only have to worry about one bag when you leave.


          Another duh. Pack up ample ammo so you can last all day at the field of your choice. Keep in mind that some fields will require the use of house bbs and you’ll need to pack enough of theirs so you don’t run low. Toss some extra bags of bbs into your bag or bring along some extra cash in case you need more to dominate your day or airsoft.


         In Airsoft, safety and protective gear is CRUCIAL! Sealed eye protection is best to keep any bbs from getting close to your eye. Most airsoft proshops like VIPAirsoft sell impact resistant tactical goggles at low prices to keep those peepers safe during game play. While some fields won’t require the protection of your nose and mouth, it can be beneficial to invest in face protection anyway so you don’t risk chipping a tooth and piercing your nose unwillingly. Metal mesh half masks are the most commonly worn by regular airsofters since they keep the eye pro fog down, help you breathe easier and protect you teeth!

No one wants a half blind airsofter with no depth perception on their team, so make sure you protect your eyes and don’t forget to pack your eye pro in your gear bag before heading out.

AC-BT-96V1600-Stool kit

         Make sure you pack some basic tools to help you fix your guns the day of battle if anything happens to break down or fail. This includes electrical tape, silicone oil, clean paper towels, screw driver and a cleaning rod. A hex key set will also help you out in case you need to take your gun apart quickly. Don’t let surprise gun issues ruin your day of play!

Another thing to remember is your charger and an extra battery so you never have to stop playing to wait for a battery recharge. The charger will let you charge your extra battery while not in use, especially if you’re planning a whole day outing.

Army ACU Coat - LRGTac Vest - ACU - LRG

          Most airsofters prefer to gear themselves up in their own unique load out including their uniform. Wear gear that not only matches the environment you plan to play in, or just in the style you like! This can include gear like a specific pair of pants and top or a full on ACU/BDU outfit in the pattern of your choice. Either way, make sure it’s all clean and ready to go so you aren’t scrounging out in the morning searching for all your clothes.

Other gear includes a tac vest or plate carrier, helmet, or holsters. If you have a mol lee vest and want/bought an additional mollee set, make sure you put it on your vest or reorganize it as you need.

contour gopro

Some of you like to get video footage of your game play which means you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your GoPro or other video camera setup packed in your bag. Make sure it’s charged and you have an available SD Card with ample space for your footage packed up too. Keep your video gear safe with protective casing or a high impact resistant cover for your lens.

battery co2 cartridge green gas

         Depending on your load out, you may need to pack a few extra supplies in your gun case. Make sure you pack some additional magazines and if you’re running a gas gun: extra canisters of gas or propane. If you run with a CO2 pistol, you’ll want to pack extra CO2 cartridges. If you use a scope or flashlight, have some extra batteries in your case so you’ll never have to worry about your gear going down and ruining your game time.

Head out early for your airsoft battle to beat traffic and avoid the late crowds. Talk with your team the night before about where you’re meeting each other and if anyone needs anything specific.

Now that you’re all packed and ready to go- it’s time to dominate that field!
We’ll see you soon at VIPAirsoft Arena! Remember, if you need anything above, you can visit the VIPAirsoft Armory!

Holster Compatibility

So you’ve got your pistol and you wanna get a holster for it. You just don’t know which holster will fit your gun and you don’t want to spend money on something you might have to exchange. This is a common problem because there are so many options!!

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Holster Compatibility

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