BEGINNER TIPS 3: Protective Gear

Airsoft may appear dangerous,but it can be safer than mowing your lawn if you follow basic safety precautions! Make sure you wear your face protection and follow the rules of your field to have an adrenaline fueled game experience.


Your eyes are the most vulnerable part of your body during airsoft play and while airsoft rule 1 is never to aim the guns directly at another players’ face, accidents and ricochets do happen. If you only buy one piece of safety gear- make sure this is your first purchase and that you buy from a reputable airsoft retailer. They have experience with safety gear and have tested the equipment against bb shots to ensure your eyes will remain safe. SAFETY GLASSES ARE TERRIBLE PROTECTION! Grab yourself some sealed eye wear like ski-goggles or tactical goggles to keep bbs from getting anywhere near your eyes!

With a wide array of face-pro options, it will be simple to find the right fit, style and color to meet your needs. Sealed tactical goggles or full face mask- you can’t go wrong!

Full face masks are the easiest route to go since they are complete protection for your eyes, ears, nose and mouth in one easy to adjust piece of equipment. However, they also mean you are breathing into the same area as your eyes which can cause your lenses to fog much faster. If your field requires the use of eye protection 100% of the time, regardless of active game play, this could also mean you are left wearing your full mask at all times. Most players often opt for a set of tactical goggles and a half mask instead, which can be slightly more expensive and depending on the set-up- can leave more area on your face exposed.

Half-masks are meant to work in tandem with sealed eye protection like ski-goggles or tactical goggles. If you prefer this set-up, it is best to invest in a metal mesh or hard plastic half mask to protect your nose and teeth. A bb to the teeth can cause some serious dental damage and a hefty dental bill. It is best to visit a brick and mortar airsoft store so that you can try on different combinations of goggles and half masks to find the most comfortable set-up possible. The more comfortable it is- the less likely you will fiddle with it and the more likely you will be to wear it.


mask   Bravo Half Mask - Black - LRG



A vest is a fantastic idea since most bb shots are aimed at the torso and central back, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a $75 plate carrier or chest rig. A flat plate chest protector will work just fine for basic protection when you just start out. The more complex the vest, typically the more additional secondary weapons, magazines and ammo you can carry- making the vest’s usefulness go beyond basic protection.

The most important thing to note about protective clothing is wearing thick fabric pants (like denim jeans), non-slip lace-up sneakers, long sleeves and a jacket. Loose fitting clothing is best as it creates a pocket of air to slow the bb down before it has a chance to hit the body, but the clothing shouldn’t be so loose that it impedes game play and your ability to move quickly. BBs are not likely to penetrate through the skin, but getting shot at close range isn’t a pleasant feeling. Your own clothing will work just fine, but  many players will start acquiring uniform pieces and matching outer gear like chest rigs, pouches, helmets, etc. Uniform pants and jackets tend to provide better protection from bb hits than general clothing because they are made of thicker materials.

Army ACU Coat - LRGTac Vest - ACU - LRG



BBs are highly unlikely to penetrate and embed in the skull, but a direct head shot will certainly sting something awful and could cause a bomb or a cut. Wearing a protective helmet will help protect your head and prevent any cuts or scraps to your scalp. Plus- they make you look way cooler. Helmets come in several types and price ranges, from the most basic $20 helmets to the tactical helmet with rails and attachments for GoPros and flashlights for $75. Most come in typical uniform colors like black, coyote, digi, and od green.

Wearing gloves to protect your hands is a great idea because getting shot or catching a ricochet in the hands or knuckles or painful. There is little to no fat in your hands, so when bbs hit , they’re basically hit straight into bone or soft tissue. Good gloves will also increase your hold on the grip and other weapons. You don’t have to have “tactical gloves”, but you’ll need something better than snow gloves or mittens. Investing in a good pair of gloves will save you from welts in your knuckles.

VooDoo - Intruder - Black - LRG       helmet

Starting out- all you really need is some loose fitting clothes that cover your body, a full face mask, basic chest protector and a drive to play airsoft. If you have questions about gear or protective clothing, visit your local airsoft retailer like VIPAIRSOFT to find out what you really need, what you should start out with, and what to get when you’re ready to upgrade your loadout.


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