Dominating in CQC Airsoft


Close Quarter Combat (CQC) is the airsoft style of enemy engagement and movement through small enclosed spaces, typically within indoor airsoft arena. An intensity exists within a CQC environment that doesn’t exist in other venues: shorter engagement distances, quicker reactions required and more calculated team movements. Lightweight weapons are preferable while snipers are regarded as unnecessary and bulky. Weapons typically used within a CQC field have shorter barrels and a lower FPS rating to prevent injury.

Playing within a CQC field requires tactics that focus on situational awareness and cause players to see every room and prop as potential cover or as a hiding place for the enemy. Another factor to CQC is the speed at which players move throughout the arena. Moving quickly makes it easier to overwhelm the enemy. Trigger control is important within CQC to keep from friendly fire which can happen under high stress or due to quick reactions.

         While playing in a CQC field, it’s important to keep your eyes and ears focused on your surroundings. Determine the best path through the field or to your objective with the least amount of enemy encounters. Assess each angle, doorway or window to determine the highest probability of hitting the enemy or being to able to see and engage the enemy before they see you. While moving through the arena take notice of the best paths to fall back through if you need to dodge enemy fire.

Look for enemy shadows or listen for them talking, reloading or moving. Often times, you or the enemy can give away positions while reloading or refilling magazines, pulling charging handles, ripping open mol lee packs, speaking loudly or moving against cover. Make sure to alert your team quietly if you notice enemy positions

Tactical speed doesn’t mean rampaging through the field at the full speed full auto firing at everything you see. Tactical speed is the movement throughout the field to engage the enemy before they can mark you as a target and not allowing the enemy to find you camping out in a “hiding place”. Moving forward behind cover is the best way to reach the objective without getting hit. When there is no forward movement available, look for lateral paths that will take you out of direct fire and instead help you flank your enemy.

When entering or exiting rooms, have team mates cover all lines of fire and check cover opportunities. When aiming around corners, try never to expose your entire body. You may need to switch to your less dominate hand in order to angle aim without stepping completely out into view.

Choose lightweight and compact gear to help you move quickly, quietly and easily through the field.


          Trigger control takes patience and practice to master. Most new players will instinctively fire quickly at anything that startles them. Lack of trigger control can be detrimental to your team or the other player depending on the proximity of engagement. In a CQC field, it’s important to learn to control your trigger finger impulses. Practicing good trigger control prevents friendly fire and dangerous hits within the surrender distance.


Check out your local airsoft proshop like VIPAirsoft to try on your gear and handle the equipment and ensure its going to be comfortable and something worthwhile for a CQC investment.

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