”I airsoft bec…

”I airsoft because I enjoy the thrill of the game, that feeling of running down a hallway not knowing what’s on the other side, the scary whoosh as bbs fly over your head just can’t be matched! The guns are built with realism in mind and are as close to the real thing as you can get. I’ll sometimes spend hours in my spare time just admiring my airsoft guns. Half the fun is seeing everyone’s decked out guns and gathering new ideas on what to put on your gun or how to set it up. Some of the best friends I had ever made were just like me, avid airsofters who I had met one day while playing with them and sharing war stories. The tactics airsoft uses are nothing short of realistic, stacking up, shooting high or shooting low, covering fire, all are used during the games and all are needed if you want to play effectively. Airsoft is my way of relaxing with some of my best friends after a long week of work and school, and that’s why I do it!” -Bailey A.

A testimonial from one of our players! We love our players and are excited to see how much they love our arena and the sport! 


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