Who is VIPAirsoft?

VIP Airsoft is Arizona’s premier and largest indoor close combat airsoft field. 19,000 sq. feet of fun and excitement for all ages! VIPAirsoft is a family owned company that focuses on providing quality service in a quality environment to airsoft players of all skill levels. Our indoor arena includes over 42 rooms and 3 towers in a cityscape layout. We’ve got refs, fog machines, strobes and props while blasting music throughout the arena to add to the experience. We offer a chance for fans of video gaming or military reenactment to live inside their favorite scenario with other like-minded players. Refs keep the missions interesting and are always incorporating new ideas with help from our players. We’ve got rentals, gear, and a fully stocked proshop to get you going or keep up with your sport.

We weren’t always so awesome though. We started our business back in 2003 as “The Front”, an internet cafe for LAN and online gaming. We offered the most up to date computer and console games in a casual environment. We began to incorporate paintball equipment as interest grew for the sport amongst our customers and in the general demographic. Over the next few years, with the growth of high speed internet becoming more easily accessible, we began to phase out our internet cafe and instead expanded more into paintball products. This change also prompted our name change to “Vanguard Paintball”. Our business thrived with the incorporation of an outdoor paintball field called “The Church”. Partnering with Spring of Life Christian Church to help us run and maintain the paintball field allowed us to give proceeds from the field to those in need in the surrounding areas.

As paintball began to slow significantly in the East Valley, instead of dropping out of the race entirely, we decided to start carrying Airsoft equipment. Growing from the cheaper low-end guns with no additional accessories to the fully stocked inventory proshop we have now, which includes high end gas rifles, gas blow back pistols, AEG rifles in all price ranges and any accessory or protective apparel you’d need, has been extremely exciting. In 2009, we realized we were outgrowing our location and saw a need in the valley for a place where our customers could play safely. After much planning and effort, we opened the doors to VIPAirsoft Arena to an excited Arizona population in August 2010.

We’re proud to offer a truly unique entertainment option to the Valley, maintaining high standards in quality products, customer service, safety, classes and fun. We have grown a lot, changed our field to grow with the demands of our players, and are continuing to grow. We can’t wait for our players to see what we have in store and to show the community how positive airsoft can be.


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